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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lance McCord on a Blogroll!

Listening to "Raving Notion" by the awesome Athens band Carrie Nations and reading some awesome blogs by Lance McCord of the Cary Nation. Lance has got like a hectare of good stuff on his site, so browse around as these are a sample platter of posts from just today!

Bush's Bulge Explained!
This theory kind of makes the whole clause how there are to be no camera shots from the back more about preserving faith in the stability of the American government than shady we-want-to-hide-the-fact-the-prezman-is-wired motives.

Should the execution age be lowered to 16?
The proposed order or the way things should be:

  • 16 - buy cigarettes, 1st degree murder
  • 18 - have sex, vote, murder for our country
  • 21 - drink
  • 35 - become president

What would Bush look like without a droopy face?
Lance uses Photoshop to do mirror images of both Bush and Kerry's face. I love how Kerry is the amalgam of a simple-minded tough (RIGHT) and sniveling brainiac (LEFT). I especially love the way that Kerry's ties goes along with his personalities. Thick, mafia-type tie for the brute and a thin ribbon for the intellectual. Bush's ties are kind of reversed for the personalities.


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