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Monday, October 11, 2004

Maybe 10 or 12 Rosaries

[ONE]: So like do two wrongs never make a right?

[TWO]: That's not really part of the bible, but I've found that maxim to hold true, yes.

[ONE]: I mean like never never, or just most of the time never.

[TWO]: Where are you going with this?

[ONE]: So let's say that someone stole something from you and then you steal it back. Both of us stole stuff, but in the end everything ends up like it was before the stealing even took place.

[TWO]: Well I don't see how that is all that wrong but there are probably better....

[ONE]: Okay then, how about this: Some guy steals your basketball and so then you steal his basketball which is just like yours, is that stealing?

[TWO]: It's getting into kind of a gray...

[ONE]: All right, so hows about this: Some guy steals your wallet and you like take his wallet and his has less money than yours but your still satisfied?

[TWO]: Okay, back up for a second. It's getting kind of compli...

[ONE]: But yo, listen to this, what if he - his wallet - like has more money than yours? What if you don't know how much money was really in your wallet to even begin with? I mean, the jerk stole from you! Doesn't that mean that all bets are off? I mean, once you transgress that basic human decency of not stealing isn't it pretty much like saying that you don't deserve that common human courtesy in return. You know what I'm saying, an eye for an eye and all that? Does it really matter if one guy has better vision than the other? In fact, what if the guy stealing from you is like rich as fucking hell and he takes half of what you own? I mean that's like a drop in the bucket for him. His net worth bar went up by maybe a pixel - if that. So what if when you take your money back, even if you don't really know how much that was to begin with, if you take a little more than was taken from you but in all reality you really probably didn't take more so it's not even really something to worry about so why worry about it?

[TWO]: Wait a second... where's my wallet?


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