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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions Aught Five

Do I want a new job? Do I want to go to grad school? Do I want to just plod along doing what I am doing in the hopes that it will eventually develop into something great? Each (despite the "plod" verb) has its merits. There are the big goals like buying a house or starting a family... feh. Who knows there. Here are some do-able ones:

No - or significantly less - pornography
The internet is great and all, but wow, I think that it provides, much like drugs, stimuli which humans were never really supposed to experience. If your brain is used to the idea of "sex" as being five-way DVDA orgies, then that could, as my theory goes, diminish the enjoyment of actual sex. Not cool.

Be more artistic
When I was a kid I was all sorts of into art. I got really good really fast, but then didn't grow. Then it got to the point where every knew me as the artist and every present was some sort of colored pencil or something. That got kind of old. Still, that wasn't so bad. The main nail in that coffin was doing graphic design. That really killed it. Doing art for money is not something at which I am good. So maybe I should try to make a painting a week.

Start a band
I've been talking about it... Writing songs and fragments... I've got some people wanting to do it... What's the problem? I think I should also try to write a song a week. Maybe a song a day? That would be crazy, but un-do-able? It'd be crazy easy to do that if I had a new computer. Thanks a lot, G3 chip! (I still love you, Precious.)

Community Service
It has been a while. It really has. The last few times were kind of... taxing. but I think I'm ready again. I'll probably end up doing something with Volunteers for Youth.


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