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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jah Love

Yo, man, you gotta let my girl, Dee in, man. She's my girlfriend. Man I am in love! [SINGING] I'm in looooove.... with a married woman! [/SINGING] Not really. That's a song. You know that's wrong. Don't you? You know that's wrong? I did that once though. I was fuckin' this bitch in 'er 'uzband's bed. That don't feel good. To fuck a bitch when 'er 'uzband's at work. You can get 'urt doin' that. I said, "Bitch! I ain't doin' that no more!" I did it twice. But that was it! I said, "Bitch! I ain-a doin' that no mo!" An she was spendin' her 'uzband's cash an' sayin' "please don't leave!" 'Cause she wanted my body. I let her 'cause I'm a musician an' I needed the money! I'm fifty-some year sold. I fuckt Bitches all over the wurld. One bitch was gonna spend twenty-thousand dollars on me! She was gonna fly me to Paris! I flew to Paris and it ruined my marriage. You make choices. Fly to Paris or have a Marriage. Rich bitch who fly you to Paris or poor bitch with dignity. This girl, man, my girlfriend. She is a fine black woman. Eva-ry time I try to fuck her she says she 'as a 'eadache. We been goin' out far five weeks an' I ain' got no pussy. Is that too long? What do you think? If she say she got a 'eadache today I'll tell the bitch I got some Excedrin on my dick! You should marry someone who loves you, not someone you love. That's another song.


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