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Friday, February 25, 2005

Golden Necklace

I grew up across the street from these two sisters that just weren't dealt a lot of good cards in their life. They were both about my age and we would play together all the time. The eldest was short and chubby, but still I would get into arguments with my friend about who would get to be her boyfriend. In high school she would bring her gerbil to school and when someone would comment on how cute the gerbil was, she would hold it next to her face so that they would somehow associate the cuteness with her.

The younger sister suffered from some unnamed affliction and was very frail. Her hair stood off of her head like a burst of dishwire and she wore braces on her arms and legs. Once I kicked a ball to her and when it bounced off of her shins she stood there screaming with crippling pain.

In elementary school I went through a serious klepto phase and I ended up stealing this golden necklace from the younger sister. I held onto it for months, then when my family went camping I claimed to have found it in a tree stump. They bought the story without question. I was disheartened at how easily they were hooked as I think I secretly wanted to be caught.

But it doesn't really make much difference now, because I just found out that they're both dead... so I guess that necklace is mine.


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