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Saturday, April 09, 2005

How do bad bands even form?

How do bad bands even form? It's like when you hear about people with really weird fetishes meeting someone with exactly the same fetish. How the hell do these people meet? Do all of them equally enjoy what they are now part of? Do bands like The Locusts and The Liars exists solely to challenge my philanthropic ideals?

Last time Mike Patton came to the Cradle it was as Tomahawk. While performing he put the mic down to a guys mouth so he could sing the next line, but the guy looked up with the, "I don't know" expression. Mike yells, "you stupid redneck!" and keeps up with the song. A minute later he puts the mic down to the same guy and this time the guy is wearing a somber, "what are you doing?" face. "Fucking redneck!"

And I realized something last night: The spaces before encores are actually opportunities for the more tired of the audience members to politely leave.


Beth said...

That Mike Patton. He should go hang out with Gibby Haynes.

3:18 PM  

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