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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Atlanta, Athens

Atlanta is being marketed to various convention organizers as being a good place to hold your event because the city is "distraction free," that is, there aint a lot of shit to do. I kinda believe it. After loitering in front of the Coke museum and in the CNN atrium I felt sated with the City.

Visited Ian McCord in Athens. The big news of the day was that Tight Pockets, their collective practice space, was being condemned.

A golden moment happened today when a gentleman was walking and using his umbrella as a vanity cane when suddenly the tip of the umbrella goes into the crack of a side walk and in the next stride it breaks free of his grip to stand upright on its own as the man walks on. The man pauses a moment realizing that he has lost something. The scene couldn't have been funnier if were in a Chaplain movie and it made me feel that at that moment the Universe was created just for me to witness that.


Beth said...

Have you walked around Little Five Points yet? That's a very cool little area. And you gotta eat at Vortex. It's neato. And their bar has a staggering selection of scotch.


12:13 PM  

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