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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Destiny's Child

I totally forgot to write about how the Destiny's Child show went! It was their last tour, so both shoes came off so to speak. Beyonce is wasted, as usual: "I'm getting hammered! It takes a few! How many does it take for you to get haaaamered?" And where is that accent from, anyway? Isn't she from Ohio or something? Well, wherever, she sounds like Dudley Moore in the Arthur movies. "We could put out an album every fucking day," she screams. Then Beyonce goes off on some tirade about how once Destiny's Child quits touring it'll be the end of indy rock. I mean, what?? By the end their sixty-song set list she's so wasted she ends up urinating off the side of the stage.

Or am I thinking of GBV?


porchaperry said...

I think that your lyrics are so amazing. I love to sing your songs to everyone that is in need of being moved. I think that you all are magnanimous. The way your lyrics move people is just lovely. I truly feel that if you ever retire then make sure it's not to soon. I just wish I could have came to one of your concerts but the only time I get to see one of your concerts is on televison. Well I have to say I love you.
Love always Porcha Perry

2:54 PM  
Geneffects said...

Porcha, my lyrics come from my heart and my brain. When I stop making lyrics that will mean that I am dead. I cannot help it. Some people say, "how do you make lyrics that are so prulicious it touches my heart like that?" How does a bird fly? Why do rainbows smell so good? It's something.

7:27 PM  

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