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Friday, July 22, 2005

Durham Bulls

At the very last minute Josh decided that it would a good idea for him and Tyler to go with Brandon and me. We all ended up getting to the stadium a little late, but in baseball time that only amounted to one and a half innings. The game was great! One of those bases loaded, three balls, two strikes, two outs kind of situations happened and the crowd stated going nuts! "Go, B.J.! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!" And the guy ends up hitting a solid double, an event which may prove to be the best moment in his life.

Then a few innings latter we get to watch the manager of the other team do one of those stereotypical getting-really-pissed-at-the-umpire routines with a lot of wild gesticulation and kicking of dirt on home plate. It was great 'cause it was just like a movie! Still, I felt I had to play it down to Brandon and be all, "it's amazing that a man of his age still has no control over his emotions."

Later the crowd gasps as the opposing team's batter hits the ball directly at the pitcher who not just catches it, but somehow absorbs the ball into his body. He just stood there for a moment as the entire team gathered around him then resumed the game, business as usual.

By the end of the day I felt like life was a success. Brandon and Tyler got along splendidly; I hope the four of us can do more together in the future. Also I realized that I have been reconnected with my humanity - the world is tactile and real for me again!

PS - you all are coming to my party at the Local 506 this August 3rd.


Anonymous said...

what party for what? is it your birthday!?


6:10 PM  
Geneffects said...

August 3rd. 1975. A lot of good stuff happened that year. (1979's pretty awesome as well.)

8:07 PM  

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