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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fire at the Cat's Cradle

Without warning there's the sound of a large explosion and the lights around the block go out! I'm sitting in the ticket window to let fans of Jaguares know that band had been rescheduled for October 2nd. Thank goodness they were as, I would soon find, the show for sure would have been canceled anyway. Another explosion! I see sparks shooting from a nearby transformer! Fire! I grab the fire extinguisher and run to the base of a telephone pole where flames had broken out. "This is stupid," I say to myself. If this was caused by a downed line I'm putting myself at tremendous risk. But then I remembered... "Risk" I my last name! I quench the burning flames with my soothing carbon di-oxide.... then I see it. That was the smaller of the two fires. Another one was raging at the back corner of the Cat's Cradle. Without thought I approach it.... "O... M.... G!" This was not a normal burning fire... no, more a jet-of-flame-shooting-out-of-the-gound-let's-move!-this-place-is-gonna-blow! kind of fire. I run back to the Cradle to call the fire dept when I see a kid using his camera phone to snap footage. "Is that a camera phone," I say. "Would you mind using that thing to actually call some people right now?"


Beth said...

I heard the "boom", such as it was. Funny how our little lives alter so much when we don't have electricity. Glad you and the Cradle did not burn down.

10:46 PM  
Lance McCord said...

I despise the boy with the cameraphone because I am him.

10:57 PM  
Leigh said...

i despise myself because i want you to go ask the boy with the camera phone if he can email the pics so you can post them. ha.

12:20 PM  
Ruby said...

Brian, you forgot the part where downtown Carrboro lost power for a few hours. That was pretty interesting.

I was sitting in front of WSM when this happened and we heard the explosions. I was really hoping the ice cream store would get desperate and start giving it away before it melted, but alas.

I checked out the fire on my way home and it was just raging (but not spreading), as burning gas will do. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but I was afraid to get close enough to it.

3:14 PM  
pinky said...

Well that explains it! We were going to WSM to grab some dinner and I we arrived shortly after the power loss, so no one seemed to know what was going on, and we were disoriented because we were so hungry. Thanks for the ace reporting!

6:34 PM  
Erin Monahan said...

lol I have to agree with Leigh! - seriously, glad you weren't hurt Mr. Risk, and that you could post and share the excitement.

12:05 AM  

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