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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Driving Directions to Atlanta

The AI they have for mapping software these days makes for eerily conversational driving directions:
So you're driving down interstate 85. Some general stuff: Atlanta is bounded by a loop: I-285. Inside 285, I-85 and I-75 merge and run together through midtown and downtown as a behemoth called The Connector. Atlanta's development began in the early 19th century as a railroad hub. "Peachtree" is actually a corruption of "pitch tree," which was an element in Cherokee Indian rituals.

So you're driving down interstate 85. Once you're inside 285, you've probably got about 7 or 8 miles before things start to get serious. The deal is that the exit you want is going to appear right at the 75 - 85 merge, so you should be on your toes as soon as you start seeing signs for 75.

Your exit will be labeled: 10th, 14th and 17th Streets, Techwood Dr.

It is exit number 84.

The very long exit ramp (it's really Techwood Dr.) features a number of stoplights that will dump you off on various streets. Keep your eyes ahead for signs marking the lanes that continue to 10th street -- specifically, 10th St. East (which is a left turn).

Did you turn left on 10th? Whew! It's all easy from here.

Major Streets You Cross:

  • Williams
  • Spring
  • W Peachtree St. NW
  • Peachtree St. NE
  • Juniper
  • Piedmont (lovely Piedmont Park will be coming up on your left).

At some point you will notice that 10th dead ends into Monroe. Two lanes will turn left, one goes right. You'll be happiest in the right left turn lane (aka the middle lane). Take the left.

I would say take the third right, but that would be confusing. How about "take a right onto Cresthill, the first truly residential-looking street off Monroe."


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