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Welcome to the Revolution:

The iBrator.


Tired of being left in the dust when everyone else in the office has had their orgasm? Feel the power of the new millennium!


Enhances Performance!
You may have read in health magazines about the benefits of exercising your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. The list of advantages ranges from reducing labor pains to intensifying orgasms. With the iBrator's new KegelMate feature, you can turn your PC muscles into Power-PC muscles!

Fully Y2K compatible!
You can safely ignore all of the horror stories of your vibrators suddenly shutting off on January 1st, 2000. With the iBrator you can usher in the new millennium with multiple, quivering orgasms - You won't need to revert to that old analog dildo!


"I came till I cried! I was instantly won over by this vibrator!"
"I'm the envy of everyone at the office!"
"The iBrator's sleek design and ergonomic contours makes it a winner in my book!"
"With my schedule I don't have the time to worry about having to restart my computer if I want to plug in my vibrator. The iBrator is a God-send!"


Benchmark speeds:
With the improved intelli-speed control and our patented hyper-resonance technology you'll come up to twice as fast as you would using one of the many "beige cocks". Speed: 24X(max)


Why USB?
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is latest advance in peripheral connectivity technology. Stop worrying about the "daisy-chaining" hassles of yore. The iBrator brings new meaning to the phrase "plug and play." Now, with the power of USB you can connect up to 127 different iBrators for a sweaty, gang-banging marathon! Plus, the iBrator draws power directly from your USB port - no more recharging!



 Situation (8:03AM):  Your boss storms into your office and screams, "I need an orgasm within the next five minutes!"
 Solution:  The iBrator's dual thrust motors are ideal for rush jobs. Your boss will be coming in no time.
 Situation (4:35PM):  You've just completed your big report and you're waiting for it to print. You can't get up and walk around because you don't want it to look like you're not doing anything.
 Solution:  The iBrator's multi-tasking capability allows your print job to complete while keeping you "occupied" at the same time.

Now in candy colors.


Here are some old opinions of mine about Y2K.

This web page is dedicated to Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple.
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