2000-05-27: Created the theory section. Added paper on BPM Clustering in 20th Century Audio Recordings to music section.
2000-05-12: Minor revisions to info and main page.

1999-11-22: Revision of the Humor Site.

1999-11-07: The Humor Site is updated. New Briarskin comic added, as well as links to authors who helped to shape my sense of humor.

1999-09-09: A DOMEstic Violence Project site added. The plan of this project is to construct a monumental, stained glass geodesic dome which will then be auctioned. The proceeds will be donated to a fund or funds that fight domestic violence.

1999-09-08: A Japanese translation of the iBrator page!

1999-09-01: The web site is fully launched. Shortly after the initial launching of the site in early June I took a job at Camp Loyaltown - a camp for developmentally challenged individuals. I had no real access to a computer, so the full-blown launching has been delayed until now.

I built this site to include things that are important to me and hopefully, others will find them meaningful and useful as well.

1999-06-02: I developed a site called "the iBrator" and put it on geocties in mid May. Apple got a tad miffed and had successfully lobbied to have it pulled. I sat on if for a while, then decided to finally buy a domain and put it up.



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