There are too many causes to ever address them all. There are several that Briarskin is passionate about. Often, companies offer matching-gift programs, where donations by their employees are matched. I encourage you to look into this at your own place of employment.

DOMEstic Violence Project - This is a project initiated by BRIARSKIN whose goal is to construct a monumental, stained glass geodesic dome which will then be auctioned. The proceeds will be donated to a fund or funds that fight domestic violence. NOTE: This project has been suspended due to severe lack of funding.

The summer of 1999 I worked at Camp Loyaltown, a program set up by the Association for the Help of Retarded Children (AHRC). It was a tremendous experience. The lessons I have learned about life thanks to that job have made me a much more complete human being.

I was a volunteer with the Durham Companions program. Basically, it is a big brother/big sister program that teams at-risk youth with mentors to give them something fun and constructive to do once a week. Nick and I keep in touch with letters.

World Overpopulation Awareness - Overpopulation is debatably one of the worlds most pressing issues. We are quickly approaching the 6 billion mark. Also United Nations Population Fund and Population Institute

Dress For Success - A wonderful program that lends good suits to disadvantaged women so that they may be taken seriously at job interviews.

Foster Parent Association Network, also Paula Poundstone - though she claims otherwise, Paula Poundstone is and excellent spokesperson for becoming a foster parent.

Prevent Child Abuse America

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Global Energy Network International - A grand scheme of global energy distribution first proposed by Buckminster Fuller.


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