I have always enjoyed art. It is very much like mathematics in it's attention to detail, symmetry, and pattern. However, I have also found it a to be a refreshing break from mathematics because the rules of art have some play.

Logo Design
How does one incorporate the entire meaning and purpose of a company into one picture? Well, you usually don't bother with that: just concentrate on making something that looks cool.

Interface Design
Efficiency, screen real estate, intuitive glyphs, etc. Interface Design is the epitome of art and function.

Fine Art
The expression "fine art" is more of a conventional term used to categorize art without a function other than aesthetics. Although I am sure that there are those that would debate my definition, it is that meaning that I use to categorize this art.

Presentation Enhancement
One of the benefits of art is it's ability to seductively persuade. When a client presents to a customer (potential or no) a sloppy graphic could convey enough unprofessionalism to lose a sale.

Product Illustration
Often mere photos of products are boring and cookie-cutter, or they do not accurately portray the dynamic purpose of the product. Product illustration can bring out the life in an otherwise boring object.

3D Graphics
Photorealistic rendering. Incorporating rendered objects into real world scenes. Animation.

Funky Hippy Backgrounds
Put on your Donovan. Fire up the lava lamp. Kiss the sky (or "kiss this guy.")



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