I'm not really a humor writer. Often I just get bored or frustrated, and I sometimes express it in ways that some people find funny. "The iBrator" for instance was a result of the lack of naming creativity that i saw for iMac peripherals.

Joke of the Month

I was a tutor in the "Read to Succeed" program helping a young boy named Michael improve his reading skills. Michael wasn't having a good day, so I suggested that we read from his joke book for a while. These were all jokes relating to ghosts, vampires and other scary things. One I read to Michael asked, "what does a ghost drink for breakfast?" Without a pause, he answered, "booze." I'm hoping he meant the plural for "boo."

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Area Referee Concedes: Head Up Ass - This is my attempt to write like The Onion.

A Letter to Jesse Helms - A paperless economy may be great for the market, but what about the strippers?

A letter to Chuck D. from the government - If you are a fan of old school Public Enemy, then you'll find this funny.

The iBrator - The infamous site. Sometimes I'm very proud of it... at others I'm horribly ashamed.

Three Stooges (the porno) - Not as funny as you might think. The idea is funny, tho.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Uranus but Were Afraid to Ask. - I try to write high-brow comedy, but it never really works out that way.

Briarskin Comics - I have others, but they're even more depressing than this.

Other Humor - Some funny pictures and movies that I have come across on the web..


Featured Book Quick Shots of False Hope: A Rejection Collection
Author: Laura Kightlinger

Laura Kightlinger is a gifted comic with a unique, bittersweet sense of the world.

This a brilliant book written straight from the heart. It has more substance and humanity than most humor writers have the guts to include (the exception being Drew Carey's Dirty Jokes and Beer). I (thankfully) read it in an empty room where my loud bursts of laughter caused little personal embarrassment.

I highly recommend this book to people with a taste for sharp, honest humor and who can appreciate someone who elegantly rolls with life's punches.


Where Did I Get My Sense of Humor?
from these people:

Red Meat : A Collection of Red Meat Cartoons

Work Is Hell

The Far Side Gallery

The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

Our Dumb Century : The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America's Finest News Source

Seven Years of Highly Defective People : Scott Adams' Guided Tour of the Evolution of Dilbert

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