This site is probably not what you are expecting. Sorry. It's really muisc theory. I may put some actual music here some day, but I can't really say when. Once again, sorry.

Reader's Comments:

I have to say, I found your analysis of rhythmic patterning in modern music to be hilarious! The satire was potent and right on target, IMHO! Body rhythms, tempo, MODAPTS, it was a sensational five-ring laugh circus on wheels.

The following are papers that I have not researched, but would like to at some point. If you have any info regarding these subjects, please write me.

Correlations Between Music and Language Aptitudes:
Based on several unfounded theories. I was reading about amusical individuals, people who can't even tell the difference between songs, and was talking about the oddness of it all with a friend of mine. The thought came up that perhaps these individuals had been deprived of music as children and, like children deprived of vocal communication, lose their ability to learn music. At that point, all sorts of crazy theories were tossed around. Perhaps generations don't appreciate music from other generations because it is akin to listening to another language. The phrase oft uttered by fogies, "I can't understand the music these young folk are listenin' to these days" probably has more underlying truth than initially assumed. I then thought that perhaps people who appreciate music from previous generations may have a higher aptitude to learn languages. Keep in mind that this theory is all based on the unfounded assumption that we lose the ability to appreciate music after a certain age. Still, it would be interesting to see any correlations.



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