I don't have gobs of friends, but the few that I do have are quality individuals. There are a couple more, but I only listed those that have or potentially will have web sites.

Janet - A lovely individual. "You made me smile out loud"

Willie Fudge - Since childhood, Willie has been one of the most misunderstood individuals I have known. Unfortunately, in no way does the Unofficial web site rectify this malady.

Stropharia - The author is an eloquent philosopher, intuitive mathematician, gifted musician, and, I am proud to say, a dear friend of mine.

Heather - What can I say about Heather, really? If you know this girl, then you know that there is no describing her.

Tamara and Christina - The purest souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Donna - is an excellent artist with a terrific sense of humor.

Liz and Rob - are two cool people. Too cool for their own good, really. I wish Liz would get off of her ass and make a super-fly web page.



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