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The following are some results of the "St. Andrews Student Impressions of Teaching" anonymous survey. The opinions that I present here address the questions "describe strengths of this class or instructor", and, "describe weakness of this class or instructor". I have tried to represent an equal sampling of good and bad reviews. However, it is difficult when one category vastly outnumbers the other. (I'm not saying which)

Type Comment
Strength Instructor is well-informed on subject and helpful on an individual basis (one-to-one)
Weakness He was very busy and could not always help and was a little stressed at times
Strength Kept everyone's attention, made class fun to be in good environment
Weakness Young.
Strength Funny.
Weakness Professor is still very new, so his teaching methods need practice (not much though)
Strength You have fun and stay awake due to the instructor's weird sense of humor
(my favorite)
Tries to be so cool that he hurts someone else's feelings.
Strength Class made you think and reason and problem solve for yourself. Brian took the time to help us if needed and explained things very well.



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