Another version of the logo:

Creating the "stars" in Photoshop

  • choose gradient tool
  • set from white to black
  • set mode as "lighten"
  • set as radial
  • make some intersecting balls
  • go to menuitem "levels" (command-M)
  • nip off the top most values of red and green to zero using the pencil tool
  • in the green channel, convert from pencil to spline and grab the last handle on the curve
  • exit levels
  • what you should see is yellow balls with bright orange and red in the middle
  • invert the picture
  • now you have your stars
Creating the text:
  • Colonna MT, Bold, 100 point, anti-aliased, spacing -5
  • make it as a selection layer
  • make new paint layer
  • select and fill with white
  • deselect
  • Gaussian blur: radius 4.2 (or so)
  • select and delete.



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