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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New York 2 - The trip, final leg

Last night was - easy - one of the top ten storms I have had to weather while camping. Inside the tent was thankfully a fairly dry haven from the outside world, and it provided an erie arena in which to watch the elements. Lightning every second. One burst so bright and immediately loud that it must have been within a 20 yards of us. What do you do in a situation like that? Sure, you're not the tallest thing around, but there are trees pretty close to you and the ground is sopping wet. If lightning had struck a tree in our proximity, I think we would have been burnt toast.

Immediately upon arrival, Avery's great-grandmother begins telling us her life story. Details which are normally subjugated and tucked in closets were spilled on the table like Snowden's secret minutes after our meeting. I had heard that she had had her first husband declared legally dead after he "went fishing" and never returned to collect his insurance money, but bit my tongue. Not so much as it seemed taboo (because it was immediately apparent nothing was), but more I didn't want to spoil her chance to tell it.


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