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Saturday, August 28, 2004

12 Oz Curls

"Hey, y'all like that beat we wrote? You like that beat? Who wants to hear more of that beat?" You know, I actually do like that beat you wrote, but I think I liked it better when Slayer played it... when they wrote it the first time.

A good defining moment of why the band - a duo-DJ act which transmogrifies sampled song loops into their own music, uh, style - sucked came during the finale song. "Hey, yo, we're gonna play you a song and we knows y'all knows tha wurdz, so let's hear y'all sing-a-long!" All right then, maybe they have a hit I don't know about that got some radio time. Let's hear it. One of the guys then proceeds to hit "play" (you can see him do it with almost an exaggerated motion) and out comes a Rage Against the Machine song in its original, unedited form. They do not add anything to the music, nor do they try to rap on top of it. They simply do a bad-ass pantomime and the crowd goes wild as it is the best thing they have heard all night.

I was doing lights because it was slow at the bar. Keep in mind: I am not a light man. I mean, I kind of know my way around a dual channel lighting console, but I would not want to do that for a prime-time band. That's why I had no problem with doing it for that show. My philosophy was that there was no way I could make the performance any worse. With the nothing-to-lose attitude, I actually did an okay job. In fact, I think I totally did that RATM song right.

Post show Kemp and I hit OCSC. After we warm up with a few 12 oz curls we start to think its a good idea to go, like, work out at the all night gym or something? 'Cause we're all drunk and stuff? Soon plan becomes action and next thing we're sweet-talking the 3AM shift girl to let us try out the equipment. We hit those machines for an hour and a half(!). Time kinda flew 'cause In between sets we drink some beers we had stashed in the locker room.

Finally we leave and go watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, eat old Harris Teeter chicken and drink some single malt scotch Sonic Youth left.

Wait, what do you mean? Why would I have felt like a battered sack of donkey nuts the next morning?


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