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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Great Aunt Genie

Genie - great-aunt Genie - is quite a character. She has Cook blood, which, as a kid, I always heard as, "cooked blood." It made sense; and still does. This woman is a bundle of energy. She claims this is due to the vibrator she just purchased and uses every morning (back massager, we later found out), but it is difficult to imagine her less energetic and in good spirits. Not the type of person one would expect to live off of R. D. Mize Road.

We stopped at a lake where the local carp were trained to come to the docks and beg for food with round mouths that resemble unrolled condoms. Julie and I amused ourself for a good quarter of an hour dropping in the food one pellet at a time. I also enjoyed throwing the food over to the nearby floating ducks. They would get all excited thinking they were about to eat then find themselves suddenly standing on a cauldron of writhing fish.

We visited a friend of Oma's, Kate. She had an odd condition which caused her mouth to be in continual motion as if she were speaking with the mute on. My mom said, and this actually sent chills down my back, "what if she actually is saying something but it is the words of her demented alter personality?" Kate is really nice and made me want to visit the Orange County (NC) old folks homes a little more.

We visited the Kansas City Mormon temple. There was a curious version of The Last Supper which had John looking very feminine. Genie was explaining Mormonism and, like a jerk, I asked whatever happened to those gold plates.


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