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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

NC St8 Fair

Mon eve wnt 2 d st8 fair w d cnt mfn. Ttlly bst dy of lfe. Srsly. Nt 2 B D-nide. 8 so mch crp it ws frkn dzgustng. Wnt on evry frkn ride aftr we 8 6 chddr nggts and it wz ttlly like my hed wz spnning n my nek hrt n like I jus wnted 2 frkn puk bt it srsly rcked. Wld do it agn n a hrtbeet. Wz knda let dwn by lack of freeks n d rdnks wrnt dat rd n d crnies wrnt all dat strng out. Prty mch mddle o d bll crv; nt d crzy lft arm I wuz kinda lkn frwrd 2. + d fro dcks knda had a trim or flt top or smthn, so nt az m-prssve. Stll, fckn awsm.


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