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Friday, September 17, 2004

Missed Connections

Geneffects customers span the globe. As a public service to my readers I will be providing intermittent Missed Connections web log entries. Please post additional missed connections in the comments section.

Where: Airport Baggage Claim
You: cute blond w/ state sweater, grey carry-on and red suitcase.
Me: handsome hunk, black duffle bag, wife and kids.
Message: Let's get together but forget our baggage this time.

Where: Antartica
You: Emperor Penguin.
Me: Emperor Penguin.
Message: I could immediately tell you were special but was hindered by an egg between my feet.

Where: Ol' Shifty's Truck-n-Go, Exit 85
Me: 200# black man that gave you "the best time of [your] life."
You: Senator Rick Santorum
Message: Our genitals met briefly but I felt there was a real connection. Was too shy to ask you out. Coffee?

Where: Saline solution
You: Positive ion.
Me: Negative ion.
Message: I felt a real attractive force. Let's share our valence!

Where: Outside the waiting room.
Me: de-mapped housewife
You: muscaphiliac
Message: I can't do it by myself.

Where: Major City, USA
Me: Traveling salesman.
You: N-node weighted graph.
Message: Is this relationship intractable?


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