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Monday, January 10, 2005

Paul Is Dead, Man, Miss Him Miss Him

I found this page that offers brilliant explanations for how the artwork on various Beatles albums indicate that Paul McCartney is presently dead.


Abbey Road ~ If you look in the background (hard to see in this picture), the liscence plate on the VW Bug says "LMW 28IF." I've heard that the "LMW" stands for "Linda McCartney Weeps." The "28IF" part means that Paul would have been 28 years old...if he had lived. The cover is a funeral procession, John is the preacher (wearing white), Ringo is the Pallbearer (wearing black), Paul is the corpse (barefoot, as people are buried in England), and George is the gravedigger (Wearing blue jeans). Also, John wears white, the mourning color of the Eastern world, and Ringo wears black, the mourning color of the western world.
Something about "Paul is dead" is way funnier, to me, than "Elvis is alive," because I wonder what Paul thought about that whole thing.

CROWD: Oh my god! Paul McCartney is dead!
PAUL: Um. No, I'm not.
CROWD: Whatever shall we do now that Paul is dead?
PAUL: I'm not dead.
CROWD: So young and handsome! Why Paul?
PAUL: Actually, I'm quite alive.
CROWD: Why couldn't it be Herman from Herman's Hermits?
PAUL: Hello?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun fact about the license plate thing: If you actually count up from Paul's date of birth, the license plate should read "27 IF". I love this hoax.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous There Is Still A Chance That They Will See said...

Hey stupid.

The Beatles were the ones who said that Paul was dead. The Beatles were the ones who said that he'd been replaced by someone else.

The Beatles said that. They said that hundreds of times (through the clues that they had left).

The issue is not whether there is someone running around calling himself "Paul McCartney"; the issue is whether he is the original article.

Given that the Beatles -- which includes the mystery man in question -- said hundreds of times that Paul was dead (and then lied and denied that they'd said it), the mystery man in question --whatever his name is -- isn't in a position to complain that some people question his identity.

That makes sense, doesn't it? Stupid?

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's no reason for the negativity! Why can't people just get along? I agree that McCartney was replaced in '66. A simple picture comparison of body types proves it. But name calling doesn't help our cause. Let's be civil about it, ok? People will eventually see the truth.

3:09 PM  

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