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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The iPod Cell

I can't wait for the iPod Cell to come out.

Isn't it annoying to feel your cellphone vibrating, have to pause your iPod, take an earbud out, then take the phone out of your pocket and answer it? I'd love to be listening to my iPod Cell, then when a call comes I'd hit the "answer" button which would automatically pause the music and then the conversation would be played in my earbuds and my end would be picked up by an ambient mic on the earbud cord. When we were done talking the "hang up" button automatically resumes the music. Seamless.

It would also be really cool to play music to the person you're talking to. If that wouldn't be considered "fair use," I don't know what would. In fact, I'd be willing to bet record companies would fall over themselves to get something going like this that would facilitate such great word-of-mouth promotion. Just imagine:

LaFawnduh: Hey, what are you doing?
Kip: You know. Just working on some moves... training for cage fighting. And I'm listening to a pretty sweet track.
LaFawnduh: Is it cool?
Kip: Listen for yourself.
LaFawnduh: Honey, you have horrible taste in music.


Beth said...


They do exist.

10:04 PM  
Beth said...

Crap. Try this link. Or, well, you're clever--you can figure it out.


2:55 AM  
marc said...

...or you can try a pair of SkullCandy LINK headphones that also conenct to your phone as stereo hands-free, at least for now.

They look interesting, but I never found it too much of a problem myself... if you have a long commute, I could see it. cheers

3:50 AM  
Vincent said...

Beth... Sony's thing is missing the point. It's an iPod cell we're clamoring for, not some cellphone with an also-ran MP3 player.

But I'll be ambitious and take it even a step farther with this combination.

9:10 PM  
Beth said...

Oh. "So sorry".

1:03 AM  
Billy Sugarfix said...

Does anyone besides me have an incredibly hard time keeping those ear buds in? Will the new Apple Phone fill any of the needs posted in this entry? Will Brian Risk ever get his ipod shuffle back...

9:53 PM  

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