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Thursday, March 03, 2005


See the horrible aftermath of a wild turkey hitting someone's car window.

If you have any appreciation of the movie Office Space, you'll like this mashup with Superfriends.

Did you know that Finger Length Predicts Physically Aggressive Personalities?

I try to console some 14yo girl who was kicked out of the Social Distortion show and she sez, "if I could kill you right now I would." This girl's sister also bit (!) the shit out of some guy's arm. Kidz these days.

Have iPod owners become iBlivious? I mean, they'll talk, sing, curse or cut a huge fart and not even think about it. It's like they think they're in their car or something.

Wow. And all this time I thought PNP stood for "Polynomial vs. Nondeterministic Polynomial". Looks like I was wrong. Gay wrong.


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