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Monday, August 30, 2004

I Hate Billy Sugarfix So Very, Very Much

Yesterday Billy left a voicemail saying how he's heard of this new great new lunch joint named "The Outhouse." He wanted to see if I was available to go to eat with him so that we could try their specialty, "the Brown Hot Dog."

His voice sounded so earnest that I didn't think about what he was really saying. It didn't cross my mind that he was fucking with me and, in fact, was joking about eating poop. I was busy so I didn't return his call and finally sent him this email last night:


Sorry to not get back to you. I got your message, but then had to go to work. Those brown hot dogs sure do sound good and, in fact, I think Monday would be the perfect time to go out and eat those suckers if you are available (that is).


Anonymous said...

Hey, that wasn't a joke. Those hotdogs are great....especially with a little musTURD.

4:35 PM  

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