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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Fifth Base at Carrburritos

So and like I was out tonight and the girl I was with, no matter where we went, would always ask if I was going to rape her at that particular location. We've got our food (her: tostadaritoladas; me: two Negra Othellos and a saucer of jalapenos) and are presently searching for a seat and she's like, "and so are you going to rape me here? How about at this table?"

Oh, and did I mention that I am an industrial logging corporation and she is in all reality a redwood forest? Yeah so I guess it's not that weird after all. But if you ask me all them redwoods are really just asking for it. Begging for it really. If they wouldn't look so tempting and profitable, we the behemoth logging companies wouldn't do it. I mean heck, you don't see us raping pine forests!! Okay well yes we do okay yes.


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