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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sweeney Todd

I was at this high school production of Sweeney Todd and the kids and or the wishing-to-be-innovative-drama-teacher kind of spiced up the show with a few nuances of their own. One such innovation was they encouraged the crowd to "boo" whenever Sweeney Todd did something evil. So the first few examples of evil were pretty obvious and the whole audience "boo"-ed and in general the audience patted themselves on the back for doing so well. Then the play continued and then there was this part where an urchin was trying to make a meager living by selling newspapers and Sweeney Todd walks up and just grabs one from her!

"Oh, boo!" I shout.

But I was the only one in the entire audience who felt that act was evil enough to warrant a "boo." Suddenly there is a rift of silence as the entire cast of the play stops dead and the attention of the room is focused in my general direction. At this point I and a few people to my left begin one of those convulsing and painful fits of silent laughter. We are doubled over with tears streaming. The play resumes but we cannot stop this aphonic fit. Just when I start to get it under control I look at them laughing and start right back up again and the same happens to them as well. This feedback loop continues for like fifteen minutes.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, champ!!

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