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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Little Black Book Anagram

On my jog yesterday I thought of the LBBA - Little Black Book Anagram. Here are the rules:

  • Turn the names of the people with whom you have had sex into one big anagram. (This will not be easy if you love fucking the Polish.)
  • When possible, use their first and last name.
  • For each time you do not know their name, you must include a question mark "?" in the text.
  • For every partner with whom rape was involved, an exclamation point must be included.
  • If you have masturbated, you must include your own name.

Making huge anagrams is, at present, not an easy thing. You can't really use those anagram generating websites or anything because unless you are some sort of sexual novice, these will be pretty long anagrams. Those websites are only good for a couple of words; maybe one name. There exists software out there to help, but I haven't tried any of it yet. That's because I suck.


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