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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Art of Failing

Senior Tarde is just about one of the best people whom I've met in Carrboro. He is your stereotypical band-geek - entirely into his music. A complete audiophile. Amazingly awkward in social situations. Thinks it's incredibly funny to wear a cheesy sweater with a picture of big guitars and American flags at one of his shows. One to un-ironically wear a tie out. Totally pissed of that girls - according to him - are more swooned by his bandmates.

One trait that we share is we are both deathly afraid of regret, but in opposite ways. My fear is the regret of not taking action, not trying; for him it is of doing something wrong then living to regret it. This has the effect of turning him into a shy, awkward boy. Sr. Tarde is so paralyzed by the idea of making a bad impression when he speaks to someone (especially a cute girl) that in a cruel self-fulfilling prophecy of performance anxiety his tongue will tie itself in a thousand knots. Kind of like being so worried about not getting a boner that you, in fact, don't get a boner. (Or worse, being so worried that you will get one that the Erection Fairy visits at the most inappropriate of occasions.)

Whether you succeed or fail, I think there is a lot to be said for trying.


James Bond, bad lover said...

One ^ MORE trait that we share

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