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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Missing a Half-Naked Blonde Girl?

2:00 basketball with Josh. A little one-on-one action. We were going to play to 21, but we were both so out of shape that the number was lowered to 17. Josh got to 14 points and it was obvious he was about to die so I lowered the win-line to 15. Final score: 11 to 15.

3:00: Tennis with Adam. At the end of the game we notice a 3ish blonde girl with no pants taking a crap near the woods of the park. then she runs a little into the woods and craps some more. Then runs deeper into the woods - stops - and craps some more. At this point it is obvious there is no authority figure watching after her so I yell into the park, "Is anyone missing a half-naked blonde girl running into the woods?" I neglected to specify an age, so this exclamation excited the middle-schooler boys playing tennis near us.

"Naked on which half?" one says.

Finally some parental figure realizes that their headcount is light and collects her kid. Quality parenting.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Dear World, I look like this now.



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